Production Services



  • Lasky Productions provides a referral service for productions looking for experienced, no non-sense, union & non-union freelancers who'll show up to set on time with a great attitude! Whether you're crewing up for a large project or a film student working on a thesis film, we have experienced referrals to suit all budgets!! Referrals include gaffers, grips, DPs, ACs, production designers, prop masters, set dressers, casting associates & assistants, 1st ADs, 2nd ADs, location services, crafty, production assistants, child wranglers, studio teachers, hair & makeup artists and more!! 





  • Lasky Productions frequently assists casting directors by providing them actor referrals from their database. All clients are experienced, no nonsense actors who are very cooperative, patient and fun-to-be-around!!  The company manages both union and non-union actors in addition to background talent, stand-ins, voice over artists and stunt performers. All actors are very reliable with an automobile and vary in ages between18 to 78. They are a unique group of individuals specially selected not only for their ability to perform, but also for their own unique talents. Additionally, they are gifted with a positive attitude and are very accommodating when faced with unexpected delays that may occur while on set. Several directors have made very positive comments about the Lasky's actors, noting that they were patient, pleasant and willing to stay on task without making excuses for arriving late to set or leaving early. The Lasky production company has also had the opportunity to work directly with all their clients, either on their own company's projects or with other productions. 

  • The Lasky company also represents young talent, both union and non-union child actors. Whenever their young clients are hired, the child's parents choose to send our child wrangler to legally represent their child on set. The Lasky's child wranglers have full permission from the parents to legally represent their child and act as a "substitute parent". The parents have pre-signed the necessary legal documents with the company and of course the parents are always willing to sign all the required releases with the production company whose hiring their child. Furthermore, the Lasky's child wranglers also provide reliable transportation to and from set for the youngsters to guarantee the child actor(s) arrive at their actual call time and arrive "camera ready" if requested to do so, without any excuses. This way everyone wins......

    .......The parents are pleased because they don't have to miss
    a full day of work to be on set and don't have to hire a babysitter for their infants or siblings not allowed on set.

    ........The directors are pleased because the children arrive to set at their actual call time, without excuses for being late, etc. They also don't have to deal with any "stage parents" who all too often become impatient, loud or distracting to their child or to the production crew, interrupting the shoot.

    .........The producers are pleased because they
    can stay on budget and keep production costs down, for one thing by not having all the
    extra mouths to feed. One child wrangler instead of several parents to feed does add up!