Stunt Equipment Rentals & Trampolines Stunt Coordinators & Stunt Performers

    Lasky Productions offers the following:     

  • Rental equipment in the Hollywood area for quick delivery to local studios as well as on location in the TMZ and select locations in So Cal. The following OSHA approved rental equipment is available: trampolines, mini-trampolines, stunt pits, crash pads, panel mats and air bags. One rental fee includes reliable delivery, set up and a professional stunt trainer to provide actors with safety instructions regarding the use of the equipment.

  • Stunt coordinators, action choreographers, gymnastics coaches, tumbling & stunt trainers and assistant stunt coordinators.  Professional staff members will train and rehearse actors on action skills required for a specific scene. They will provide training and choreography for mini trampoline stunts, power tumbling, free running, combat, weapons, high falls, air ram, fencing, prat falls, stair falls, breakaways, gymnastics, cheer stunts, sport acrobatics and physical humor.

  • Baby wranglers, child wranglers & 2nd A.D.s who are all "kid friendly" and have had plenty of on-set experience with very young talent! The company's wranglers will keep youngsters quietly entertained, happy and in good spirits while in holding or the dressing room. There are several young stunt kids who are well trained in stage combat, falls and mini-trampoline stunts. The young talent that the company manages, includes both union & non-union actors, stunt kid performers and background, who are all experienced in television & film as well as fun to work with.   

  • Stunt performers, doubles and action actors are managed by Lasky Productions. Both union and non-union stunt performers are available in a wide age span from 6 to 68.